Thursday, August 19, 2010

Card for Thomas

I know that I have been seriously procrastinating about getting this done, but here it finally is.....the card I made with the kids in Dylan's class at school for Thomas's Mum and Dad.

Here's the front:
I used the same photo as the one I put on the candles.  Here's the inside:
And a close up of all the kids hand prints:

The kids (and the teachers!) chose their own colours, and as you can see, they loved putting their hand print in the book for Thomas.  

Thomas's parents loved it.  I ended up making 3 of the candles, and they sat on Thomas's coffin during the service, which was lovely.  

3 of the 6 kids in Dylan's class attended the funeral, and released balloons at the grave site....all willingly except for Dylan who didn't want to let his balloon go!  

I am glad that I have finally posted this I just have to get my butt into gear and post some more of the things I have been making.

Happy Stampin'

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Julie said...

The card is beautiful Mel! such a good idea :-)

Leonie said...

Sorry for your news Mel, so sad. I am sure this card will bring comfort and many happy memories to Thomas' parents in years to come. It was a lovely thought