Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Remembering Thomas

So I know that it has been months since my last post, and I am not even going to try to explain what has been happening.  Life has been crazy, and my mojo has been on some sort of holiday......sure hope it had a good time, because I really missed it.

It's not a happy time for us at the moment.  On Sunday one of the boys in my son's class passed away.  Thomas was 10 years old, and a real fighter.  I think we are all drawing on his strength now to get through this time.  The world certainly seems a dimmer place already without his cheeky personality and beautiful smile.

How do you tell your friend how much your heart hurts that she has lost her son?  I don't know where I would ever find the words to tell her, so I made her a special candle.

I printed the words as well as the photo on the computer.  The sentiment was taken from "A Rose is a Rose" stamp set, and reads:  

Thank you for touching our lives

I am working with the kids and teachers in Dylan's class to make a special card for Thomas's parents, and will get that finished tomorrow.  All of the children in the class are disabled and unable to write, or even understand that Thomas isn't coming to play anymore, so we had them all pick their colour paint today and put their hand print inside the card.  I am hoping to get some photos before we give it to Thomas's parents on Friday at the funeral.  I know his Mum is going to love it.

Happy Stampin'
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deb said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful memento for Thomas's family to treasure. I am sure they will really appreciate it Mel.

Treasure Queen said...

Wow this is going to be a most treasured gift... they will so appreciate it... and I love your idea of the handprints in the card from all the kids - great idea.

Karen said...

Mel...........this is just such a sad thing to have happen! I just can't imagine how his parents must feel! Your gorgeous candle will most definitely be appreciated!


Karen said...

Just me again Mel! After I left my first comment the other day I sent you off an email! Just wondering if you got it?