Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Presents for Dylan's teachers

Today was the last day of school for the year for Dylan, and there were so many people to thank for their amazing work and support throughout the year. As many of you know, Dylan goes to a Special Developmental School for disabled children. The staff at the school are just amazing, as you can imagine they would have to be to do the job they do. I don't know how they do it, I am just thankful that they do!

So, first off I needed something little for the bus driver and chaperone who pick Dylan up and drop him off at our front door every day. Every morning at 8:37am the horn toots and Jim (our border collie x lab) gets very excited, and off we go to send Dylan to school for the day. Pete (the driver) and Deb have seriously saved my sanity...especially for all those months that I was heading into school to do his tube feed at 10am.  I made them each a Pizza Box and filled it with chocolate Santa's and ear plugs!  Yes, you did read right...ear plugs!  Dylan is really loud and can certainly make your ears ring when he gets going, but there is another child on the bus who makes Dylan sound like a mouse!  This child has also been in the same class as Dylan for the past three years, so maybe I should have done ear plugs for the teachers as well?  Too late now!  Pete and Deb loved the ear plugs...and I am sure the chockies are all gone by now too!  I just wanted to let them know that I really appreciate the fact that they are there every morning to pick Dylan up and make my life a little easier!  I used up a little bit of the Dashing designer paper from last years catalogue too, so it is a little bit more gone from my stash!

Next on my list was to make something small for the 2 teachers who didn't actually work with Dylan, but completed the training to tube feed him so that I don't have to go into school twice each day to do it.  I actually had this whole week of not having to go into school, which was awesome!  I managed to get a bit done, and even went to work (Mick did ask if I had to introduce myself when I got there!)!  Anyway.....back on track!  These boxes are very small, and fit about 6 chocolates inside, but Janna and Bronwyn both loved them!  I used the adhesive borders from the I Wish Simply Scrappin Kit to put the edging around the bottom and top of the boxes, which was quick and easy.  The girls were also given a Tag Portfolio like the one I showed you the other day.

I haven't finished editing my photos, so I will be back tomorrow to show off the boxes that I made for the three wonderful ladies in his class room this year.  Thanks for looking!

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Karen said...

Mel, those pressies are just gorgeous! While those people are special, you too are a VERY special lady in my books! To do what you do on a daily basis is just phenominal to me. You're amazing!