Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Candles for my Uncle Alan

Two weeks ago my Dad's brother, Alan, passed away.  He fought a courageous fight with Parkinson's Disease for the last 15 years, and while there is relief at his passing and knowing that he doesn't have to suffer anymore, we all miss him terribly, and find it hard to believe he is no longer with us.

The photo on this first candle was taken 27 years ago, at his surprise 50th birthday party.  That explains why the quality isn't real great, but it is still a beautiful photo of Uncle Alan.

The photo on this next candle is my favourite photo, and shows Uncle Alan as I will always remember him.  It was taken at my debutante ball 16 years ago (*gasp*.....was it really that long ago?????)

This last candle has a photo of Uncle Alan at a social event, but I am not sure where it was or even when it was.  It must be around 15 years ago, because he was still well, and still looked like the Uncle Alan I know and remember.

The sentiment on the bottom of each candle comes from the now retired A Rose Is A Rose stamp set, and says:

Thank you for touching our lives

I don't think there are better words to use to send Uncle Alan off.

At the funeral service the candles were lit by my Dad, and his brother and sister.  The service was beautiful, and I am sure he enjoyed it!

Rest in peace certainly earned it.

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