Friday, December 4, 2009

A special birthday pressie...

I have to share the gorgeous birthday present that I picked up from the post office yesterday!  It was created by the wonderfully talented Tanya Kitto and she has posted some gorgeous photos of this project on her blog, as well as a link to the template which is available for purchase.

I was so excited to receive this from Tanya....I just knew that there had to be something extra special  inside!  The post office is only about a 5 minute drive from my house, but I just couldn't wait that long to see what was inside!  So I was using a pen to break through the sticky tape on the postage box each time I was stopped at the lights, and then when I finally got it open it was wrapped in bubble wrap.....another set of traffic lights and I had the bubble wrap on the floor!  I was sneaking peeks the rest of the way home (which really wasn't very far by this stage) and was DYING to open the box.....but I knew I needed to take photos first so I used every ounce of self control I have to leave the package closed!

Here's what was inside the box!  How spoilt am I?

These are the tags that Tanya had made to put in the box.  I am already thinking about upcoming birthday's that I will be able to use these for!  If I can bring myself to part with them, that is!

The test tubes filled with M&Ms and Tic Tacs.....Yum!  The bookmark is also gorgeous, and I will certainly be putting that to good use too!

I am off to Tanya's blog now for another look around (you should go and have a look already know her work is amazing!!), and then to purchase the template so I can make some of these boxes myself!  I think they will be just gorgeous as Christmas gifts for Dylan's teachers and carers!

Happy Stampin'

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Tanya Kitto said...

hey there sunshine :) Thanks for the lovely pics on your blog, & I can tell by your post how much you enjoyed receiving this :) Which I am super glad (but I knew you would anyway :) :) ) Just a little something for you to let you know you are a special friend to me
Tan xox