Monday, October 26, 2009

Missing in Action!

If you have been wondering where I have been and why I havent posted for such a long time, here's your answer! I have been in the Royal Children's Hospital with Dylan to get his PEG feeding tube put in. This is soooooo much easier than the nasogastric tube! With this one it is directly in the stomach, so there is no worries that it has moved......and he hasn't managed to pull it out yet! (should I be touching wood just in case?????)
This will stay in for at least 3 months, then he will have surgery again to remove it and put the "delux" model in. The new one will sit fairly flat on his stomach, and the tube will be removable, so we will only need to attach it at feeding and medication times, which will be great! For now, though, we are just covering this one up with a netting type bandage, which we call his "boob tube" because it comes up to his armpits!
Just in case you were, our bath isnt that small! These photos were taken at the Children's hospital the day after the PEG was inserted.
Dylan is still on 4 hourly feeds, and I am still heading into school at 10am and 2pm each day to complete the feeds until the teachers are trained to do it (they already know, but legally have to be trained again for each child), so not much stamping has been happening here at all. I really cant wait to get back into it, and cant wait to catch up with you all again too.
Happy Stampin',

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deb said...

Hi Mel, Glad to hear things are progressing nicely for Dylan and I hope you get time for lots of stamping soon!